Monday, May 28, 2012

le petit prince

first of all, i'm so bummed that i couldn't find the photos i took of the finished work! in my haste to send the package out, i must've taken the photos without the memory card in the cam without realizing it! *headdesk*

so i had to ask the new human of this doll to send me the photos for me to post them up.


anyway, the birthday of my sister-by-choice (as opposed to sister-by-birth) is soon approaching, so i was thinking of what to make her. i made her an angel last year and as she's a big fan of the little prince by french writer antoine de saint-exupĂ©ry (hence the "frenchness" of this post title!), i decided that i'll try to make one for her.

after much research and googling, i found this pattern by erika.tricroche is the cutest and most resembled the prince. but the pattern is in portuguese and as i'm too lazy to attempt deciphering them, i just referred to the photos and tried to come up with my own pattern as i go along. took a few froggings (which means "dismantling the stitches" in crochet jargon) and trials, but in the end, i'm quite happy with the result! :)

front view. sorry for the not-so-sharp photo, coz this was downloaded from sister-by-choice's facebook!

details of the back view...

another view of the front, with the turkish apple tea (or "elma chai" in turkish language) that i bought her from my recent trip to turkey last month

and i'm glad to say that le petit prince's new human was equally thrilled to receive him as i was in making him! :)

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Biow said...

really look like the prince -biow