Thursday, March 03, 2011

angel amigurumi

this angel was requested by a friend, who is fighting breast cancer and at the time when she was rather down in the dumps, she wished that she has an angel to watch over her. so i’ve decided to make one for her, but i was out of yarn supply and the yarns sold here in this country are all for making clothes, hence they’re very very expensive! so i sought my best friend’s help to buy the yarn in malaysia, and i was only able to get them when i went home for the chinese new year recently.

anyway, i’m glad to say that my friend is not longer depressed… but was still very happy when i showed her the photos of the finished angel. the angel will be making her way over to my friend very soon!

i purposely didn’t sew in a mouth for her, coz i suck at embroidery! didn’t wanna spoil its cuteness… and anyway, my friend didn’t mind it at all, saying that angels shouldn’t be talking anyway, they just need to listen! hehehe…

the back view. i feel the hair part takes the most of my time…

still unable to weave in the hair neatly… need more practice!
hmm… her skirt was supposed to be long enough to support her to stand by herself. i guess i made it too short… but it’s ok, coz aren’t angels supposed to fly? :P

hope this little angel will be a good listener for my friend, as well as be her guardian angel to watch over her! :)


Anonymous said...

hi, i really like this special angel, and i woul like the pattern I live in Mexico City and I love crocheting, could it be possible to get the pattern????


RC said...

Hi Claus,

I bought the pattern from here:

The pattern designer, Mia, has a lot of other cute amigurumi patterns too! You can click on her collection to take a look :)