Tuesday, March 06, 2012

my best friend's wedding...

i'm so bummed by the fact that while i'm over here earning a living in another land, my best friend went and got married back home!! ok, not "went and got married" but yeah, she'll be getting married this weekend! without me being there! :'(

anyway, as don't really know what to get her for a wedding gift, i thought i'd make something for her wedding day first. this way, i'll have more time to think of what to get her later on... besides, making something with my own two hands is more meaningful than anything money could buy, right?

so here's a doll couple in traditional chinese wedding attire, which i know in real life my friend wouldn't wear for the tediousness of it all. at least the dolls can wear it in their behalf :P

lomo-fied... nice?

pattern bought from etsy, but i modified the groom's hat a bit...