Monday, May 31, 2010

long-overdue birthday gift: usahana

i took so long to complete this for my good friend's birthday... and even with months and months of lead time, i'm still more than one month late! hehe... sorry, M! hope you like it... ;)

usahana, the colourful girl bunny...

this is u*sa*ha*na (that's how they present her, with all those asterisks. don't ask me why...), one of hello kitty's friends from sanrio. before making this bunny, i didn't even know about this character... hello kitty has been hogging the limelight for too long! :P

anyway, with my limited knowledge in the japanese language, i think the name "usahana" is a combination of "usagi" (japanese for rabbit) and "hana" (japanese for flower). so that explains it being so colourful, like a flower. hehe... just my thoughts, not even sure if that's true!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

custom request: tiny male angels

V recently contacted me for a pair of male angels, to commemorate his and his partner's 7th year anniversary of their being together. but he requested for them to be smaller then my normal angels, and actually i kinda regretted accepting this project.

i had to use a different yarn to get them into a smaller size, and this yarn is very difficult to work with! they're stiffer and made the angels look hard, unlike the usual soft stuffed toy effect that normal amigurumi has. also, this particular range of yarn does not have the cream colour for skin, so i had to make do with the closest colour possible, which is of a little darker tone.

and i was very very busy with other stuff, that i was really rushing these out. i wish i had more time to work on them, seeing that they're for a special occasion... and i'd love to embroider on their eyes, but i reckoned that will take time, again due to their size. so in the end, i went with tiny beads, which made the angels have this zoned out look! :P

anyway, these patterns were purchased from saplanet on etsy. originally, these angels are supposed to have legs, but due to their tiny size, the legs made them look a little weird. so i decided not to give them legs after all. male angels do wear white angel gowns too, after all! :P

photo courtesy of V. luckily he likes them, despite all the shortcomings... :)