Tuesday, August 30, 2011

gil the globetrotter ami-inu

i went for a bit of traveling recently, and as it’ll be a solo trip, it’d be quite difficult to have many pictures of myself. so as not to bore my friends with too many photos of sceneries, i thought maybe i should have a representative to pose in a few of those travel photos.

after thinking for a while, i thought i’d make an ami-inu (amigurumi inu, “inu” being the japanese word for “dog”). this ami-inu will look slightly different from the amineko i made previously, coz obviously, amineko is a cat (“neko” = japanese for “cat”).

P1080955 meet gil (short for gilbert), the globetrotter ami-inu… as you can see, gil is slightly bigger than the pink amineko, coz i used loose stitches.

DSC_0094 gil waiting for boarding… he’s slightly pissed, due to flight delays! :D

P1080961totally beat, he hogged the whole sleeping bag to himself!

ami-inu pattern is adapted from this free amineko pattern.

hoot hoot!

this is a gift i made for my friend’s sis, gina, who is also a fellow blogger whose blog has been keeping me quite entertained. she wanted a greenish owl, so i hope this colour combination is ok… :)

340547_2241876320752_1063385369_2635431_3118027_o but maybe i should’ve used a darker grey for the sleeping eyelids to make it more obvious…

anyway, this photo was taken by gina and i downloaded it from her facebook :)

more angels…

i have a friend in japan who just went to work another city, as well as to further her study there. staying alone and away from her family, sometimes she’ll get lonely and depressed, and i can totally understand that. so i decided to send her an angel to cheer her up.

P1080891i didn’t have time to snap a photo of it as i was anxious to send it out! :)

my niece (another niece, not the one whom i made this for) will be celebrating her birthday soon, and since she’s been bugging me for an angel for the longest time, i decided to make this in conjunction with her birthday… killing 2 birds with one stone! :D

P1080926 same angel as the one i made for my japanese friend, just that my friend’s is with a red flower on the dress and my niece’s is yellow.