Tuesday, August 30, 2011

gil the globetrotter ami-inu

i went for a bit of traveling recently, and as it’ll be a solo trip, it’d be quite difficult to have many pictures of myself. so as not to bore my friends with too many photos of sceneries, i thought maybe i should have a representative to pose in a few of those travel photos.

after thinking for a while, i thought i’d make an ami-inu (amigurumi inu, “inu” being the japanese word for “dog”). this ami-inu will look slightly different from the amineko i made previously, coz obviously, amineko is a cat (“neko” = japanese for “cat”).

P1080955 meet gil (short for gilbert), the globetrotter ami-inu… as you can see, gil is slightly bigger than the pink amineko, coz i used loose stitches.

DSC_0094 gil waiting for boarding… he’s slightly pissed, due to flight delays! :D

P1080961totally beat, he hogged the whole sleeping bag to himself!

ami-inu pattern is adapted from this free amineko pattern.

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