Saturday, April 30, 2011

the angry birds gang!

updated 3 september 2011: karla fitch has discontinued the sale of these patterns. i am one of the lucky few who managed to nab them, but i can't and won't resell them. so please stop contacting me with offers to buy them. hope everyone understands... :)
firstly, i do not own an iphone. so i don’t really play this game. heck, i didn’t know what are angry birds just a month ago! i only got to know about this famous game when my friend posted her crocheted angry birds in her facebook album. and i thought they’re real cute! so i decided to make them as well.

angry birds: (whisper, whisper) strategy (whisper)
green pig: *gulp*

unlike my previous amigurumis, i made these without any idea of what i’d do with them after they’re done. i was chasing the tvb drama series of no regrets (which by the way, is a super duper great drama! i’m so in LOVE with it!!!) and i like to keep my hands busy while watching my dramas so that i can be delusional and feel as if i’m not wasting my time by watching dramas. hehe…

angry birds patterns are by karla fitch.