Tuesday, December 27, 2011

bear bear bauble...

made this gift for a colleague friend. one thing good about birthdays in the year end is that there are so many gift inspirations around, due to christmas. so hope she understands why her birthday gift so resembles a bauble... coz it's really meant to be hung on the christmas tree as a bauble! :P

lil bear with a snug cozy scarf...

as usual, packaging is recycled...

pattern for bear bauble is from all about ami

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

gil the globetrotter ami-inu

i went for a bit of traveling recently, and as it’ll be a solo trip, it’d be quite difficult to have many pictures of myself. so as not to bore my friends with too many photos of sceneries, i thought maybe i should have a representative to pose in a few of those travel photos.

after thinking for a while, i thought i’d make an ami-inu (amigurumi inu, “inu” being the japanese word for “dog”). this ami-inu will look slightly different from the amineko i made previously, coz obviously, amineko is a cat (“neko” = japanese for “cat”).

P1080955 meet gil (short for gilbert), the globetrotter ami-inu… as you can see, gil is slightly bigger than the pink amineko, coz i used loose stitches.

DSC_0094 gil waiting for boarding… he’s slightly pissed, due to flight delays! :D

P1080961totally beat, he hogged the whole sleeping bag to himself!

ami-inu pattern is adapted from this free amineko pattern.

hoot hoot!

this is a gift i made for my friend’s sis, gina, who is also a fellow blogger whose blog has been keeping me quite entertained. she wanted a greenish owl, so i hope this colour combination is ok… :)

340547_2241876320752_1063385369_2635431_3118027_o but maybe i should’ve used a darker grey for the sleeping eyelids to make it more obvious…

anyway, this photo was taken by gina and i downloaded it from her facebook :)

more angels…

i have a friend in japan who just went to work another city, as well as to further her study there. staying alone and away from her family, sometimes she’ll get lonely and depressed, and i can totally understand that. so i decided to send her an angel to cheer her up.

P1080891i didn’t have time to snap a photo of it as i was anxious to send it out! :)

my niece (another niece, not the one whom i made this for) will be celebrating her birthday soon, and since she’s been bugging me for an angel for the longest time, i decided to make this in conjunction with her birthday… killing 2 birds with one stone! :D

P1080926 same angel as the one i made for my japanese friend, just that my friend’s is with a red flower on the dress and my niece’s is yellow.

Friday, July 01, 2011


this is a very belated birthday present that i did up for a friend. she just received it in the mail today, so i can post the pics up now… :)

DSC_0566amineko taking a nap on my laptop…

DSC_0567 DSC_0576 DSC_0568 DSC_0571  DSC_0573amineko with its various poses…

i love its expression of =_=’’’ hahaha… the pattern can be downloaded free here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the angry birds recruited!

updated 3 september 2011: karla fitch has discontinued the sale of these patterns. i am one of the lucky few who managed to nab them, but i can't and won't resell them. so please stop contacting me with offers to buy them. hope everyone understands... :)
i can't seem to get enough of the angry birds. not the game, but the amigurumi! :D
here, they've recruited 3 more members to help them in their fight against the green pigs...

angry birds: yay, more recruits into our gang!
green pig: yikes!

i find this white bird particularly hilarious (please excuse the dark photos!). coz when we squeeze it...

...it'll lay an egg! lol!

ok, from this post, now everyone can roughly guess how much drama series i've been watching, right?! :P

Saturday, April 30, 2011

the angry birds gang!

updated 3 september 2011: karla fitch has discontinued the sale of these patterns. i am one of the lucky few who managed to nab them, but i can't and won't resell them. so please stop contacting me with offers to buy them. hope everyone understands... :)
firstly, i do not own an iphone. so i don’t really play this game. heck, i didn’t know what are angry birds just a month ago! i only got to know about this famous game when my friend posted her crocheted angry birds in her facebook album. and i thought they’re real cute! so i decided to make them as well.

angry birds: (whisper, whisper) strategy (whisper)
green pig: *gulp*

unlike my previous amigurumis, i made these without any idea of what i’d do with them after they’re done. i was chasing the tvb drama series of no regrets (which by the way, is a super duper great drama! i’m so in LOVE with it!!!) and i like to keep my hands busy while watching my dramas so that i can be delusional and feel as if i’m not wasting my time by watching dramas. hehe…

angry birds patterns are by karla fitch.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

hoo goes there!

here's how i packaged my owls, the tutorial of which i from here.

recycled envelope...

i made more of these delightful sleeping owls over the weekend. i love it that they're so easy to make, and i can just whip a couple up in mere hours!

3 'lil owls sleeping in a row...

my artist had a birthday last month, and other than a small ice-cream cake, i thought i'd make her a 'lil pink owl too. hope she's not superstitious about owls, coz the chinese community has so many superstitions and owls are not one of those animals with "good omen" attached to them.

another one of my colleague had a birthday last week. this colleague has been helping me a lot in translating documents from english to the local language here, so as a token of appreciation, i thought i'd make him an owl too! i experimented with the number of stitches a bit, hence this 'lil blue guy is slightly smaller than the rest.

ok, this last fella is not a birthday gift, but more like a farewell gift. it's also for a colleague, who has tendered her resignation. actually i've been wanting to make something for this colleague, as i sort of caused her to loose some money. you see, i was on my way to another city for training, and at the last minute, i realized that i didn't have enough cash on me for the taxi fare. so this colleague lent me some and when i got back, i kept wanting to pay her back, but i didn't have the money in smaller denominations. and as she's always on duty when i met her, she didn't have any change on her to give back to me. after a few weeks, i went to just pass her the cash while she was on duty. so she stuffed it into her uniform's inner pocket but when she sent her uniform to the laundry, she forgot to remove the money! and that's the last we saw of it. i know it's not my fault, but i felt somewhat responsible for setting her back a few hundred $... (her resignation has nothing to do with this incident. at least i hope not!)

Thursday, March 03, 2011

angel amigurumi

this angel was requested by a friend, who is fighting breast cancer and at the time when she was rather down in the dumps, she wished that she has an angel to watch over her. so i’ve decided to make one for her, but i was out of yarn supply and the yarns sold here in this country are all for making clothes, hence they’re very very expensive! so i sought my best friend’s help to buy the yarn in malaysia, and i was only able to get them when i went home for the chinese new year recently.

anyway, i’m glad to say that my friend is not longer depressed… but was still very happy when i showed her the photos of the finished angel. the angel will be making her way over to my friend very soon!

i purposely didn’t sew in a mouth for her, coz i suck at embroidery! didn’t wanna spoil its cuteness… and anyway, my friend didn’t mind it at all, saying that angels shouldn’t be talking anyway, they just need to listen! hehehe…

the back view. i feel the hair part takes the most of my time…

still unable to weave in the hair neatly… need more practice!
hmm… her skirt was supposed to be long enough to support her to stand by herself. i guess i made it too short… but it’s ok, coz aren’t angels supposed to fly? :P

hope this little angel will be a good listener for my friend, as well as be her guardian angel to watch over her! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

animal clips!

these are just something i whipped up over the weekend, for want of something to do, using normal plastic clothes pegs.

makes good decoration for gift packages and such, where we can clip on a message or note onto the gift, don't you think?