Saturday, March 19, 2011

hoo goes there!

here's how i packaged my owls, the tutorial of which i from here.

recycled envelope...

i made more of these delightful sleeping owls over the weekend. i love it that they're so easy to make, and i can just whip a couple up in mere hours!

3 'lil owls sleeping in a row...

my artist had a birthday last month, and other than a small ice-cream cake, i thought i'd make her a 'lil pink owl too. hope she's not superstitious about owls, coz the chinese community has so many superstitions and owls are not one of those animals with "good omen" attached to them.

another one of my colleague had a birthday last week. this colleague has been helping me a lot in translating documents from english to the local language here, so as a token of appreciation, i thought i'd make him an owl too! i experimented with the number of stitches a bit, hence this 'lil blue guy is slightly smaller than the rest.

ok, this last fella is not a birthday gift, but more like a farewell gift. it's also for a colleague, who has tendered her resignation. actually i've been wanting to make something for this colleague, as i sort of caused her to loose some money. you see, i was on my way to another city for training, and at the last minute, i realized that i didn't have enough cash on me for the taxi fare. so this colleague lent me some and when i got back, i kept wanting to pay her back, but i didn't have the money in smaller denominations. and as she's always on duty when i met her, she didn't have any change on her to give back to me. after a few weeks, i went to just pass her the cash while she was on duty. so she stuffed it into her uniform's inner pocket but when she sent her uniform to the laundry, she forgot to remove the money! and that's the last we saw of it. i know it's not my fault, but i felt somewhat responsible for setting her back a few hundred $... (her resignation has nothing to do with this incident. at least i hope not!)


gina said...

I want!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody Crafter said...

k lah, since u've been keeping me entertained during bored days in the office, i make one for u as token of appreciation. hehehe... apa colour u nak?