Monday, September 20, 2010

more wrist bag!

this seems to be a popular item, huh? i've received lots of requests for this wrist bag, both in pattern form as well as the finished product. well, here's another one, in "earthly blue & brown" as requested.

a simple "lunch tote" for a friend, who will be starting her new job real soon!

anyway, i'm sure most of you have noticed that my crafting output has dwindled down to a pathetic trickle... well, just to update everyone what i've been up to recently...

1st, i moved to a new apartment in july, so was busy packing, unpacking and organising my new nest. 

and then roughly one month later, i received a job offer in another country! so i'm now busy packing up again, settling all my other private and not-so-private affairs... :D

but not to worry! i'll be shipping all my crafting stuff over, and crafting will resume when i get settled down in the new place... stay tuned! :)