Saturday, May 14, 2011

the angry birds recruited!

updated 3 september 2011: karla fitch has discontinued the sale of these patterns. i am one of the lucky few who managed to nab them, but i can't and won't resell them. so please stop contacting me with offers to buy them. hope everyone understands... :)
i can't seem to get enough of the angry birds. not the game, but the amigurumi! :D
here, they've recruited 3 more members to help them in their fight against the green pigs...

angry birds: yay, more recruits into our gang!
green pig: yikes!

i find this white bird particularly hilarious (please excuse the dark photos!). coz when we squeeze it...'ll lay an egg! lol!

ok, from this post, now everyone can roughly guess how much drama series i've been watching, right?! :P