Monday, June 21, 2010

wrist rest kitty...

my junior designer is leaving us soon, so i made this little wrist rest for her to bring to her new work place... something for her to remember me by everyday! hehehe...

actually, this is my 2nd attempt making something for her. when she was interning with us previously, i made a little something for her at the end of her internship but it turned out rather hideous! so in the end, i bought something else for her instead. i'm glad it turned out ok this time round!

the eyes are supposed to look like this: n_n smiling happily. but i suck at embroidery, so i just went for the easy inverted "v". see, even the rounded "w" for its snout looks crooked and not symmetric! :P

this length should be ok...

what the tag said...

good and positive vibes in every stitch, here's wishing JR all the best in her future endeavors! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

cat toy: chubby the fish

recently, i found out from a good friend that her cat, milo, has been diagnosed of feline leukemia... it's so sad, especially so for my friend, who's battling with cancer herself!

even though i've not met milo, i feel as if i've known him for a long time, as we get nearly daily updates of milo's antics/condition/progress/decline etc from my friend on facebook. sometimes it's good, sometimes bad...

so i decided to make a little toy for poor milo, in the form of chubby the fish. this free pattern was sent to me by another friend, who made one for her niece. i like the colour combination she used, so i used the same colours for milo's chubby.

chubby the fish for milo...

but this is to be a cat toy, and as we all know, cats are very fussy creatures. i was worried that milo might not like his new toy, so thought of stuffing some catnips into chubby. but then another idea came to me: how about making it like those doggie toys where we stuff food into them to torture let the dogs figure out how to get the food out?

so i made a slight modification to the original pattern, whereby i added in a hallow kinda tube that extends from the tail into chubby's stomach. that way, the catnips can be replaced often with fresh ones. milo's human can even stuff kibble or some cat biscuits into it, depending on milo's preference! :)

some minor modification in the tail...

but alas, sad news... before i can finish this, i got news that milo has passed on. well, i guess i should be glad that milo's misery has finally ended :'(

anyway, this chubby will be inherited by milo's successor, a certain grey stripey kitten called "abu dhabi labu labi"! :D

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

custom request: a very christmassy snowman!

my friend was looking through my craft album when she chanced upon a snowman that i made for another friend. immediately she requested for a similar snowman, but with an extra christmassy scarf, all green, red and gold!

err... a snowman in the middle of april?? ah well, whatever it takes to make her happy! :)

hope this is christmassy enough!

initially i had this idea of making pom-poms instead of balls for the ends, but they're so small and gold thread is so hard to work with! so in the end, had to crochet them into balls... came out quite well, though! ;)

the pattern for this snowman is free from lion brand yarn.