Tuesday, June 01, 2010

custom request: a very christmassy snowman!

my friend was looking through my craft album when she chanced upon a snowman that i made for another friend. immediately she requested for a similar snowman, but with an extra christmassy scarf, all green, red and gold!

err... a snowman in the middle of april?? ah well, whatever it takes to make her happy! :)

hope this is christmassy enough!

initially i had this idea of making pom-poms instead of balls for the ends, but they're so small and gold thread is so hard to work with! so in the end, had to crochet them into balls... came out quite well, though! ;)

the pattern for this snowman is free from lion brand yarn.


Tandanie said...

Very creative! I have been following your master-pieces... Love what you have done!
I want to learn too...where to learn?

Rhapsody Crafter said...

hi danielle, thanks for dropping by! actually i learnt to crochet on my own, through books and online tutorials (there's a few listed on side bar of this blog). and there are actually quite a few tutorial videos online that we can view...

alternatively, for a more "human touch" so to speak, you can go to the craft shops to learn. if you buy the yarns from them, they'll teach you for free. if you need any patterns to get you started, just drop me a message! i'll just e-mail them to you, unless they're copyrighted (meaning from books that i bought). there's also a list of free pattern links on my sidebar that you can source...

good luck! :)