Monday, May 31, 2010

long-overdue birthday gift: usahana

i took so long to complete this for my good friend's birthday... and even with months and months of lead time, i'm still more than one month late! hehe... sorry, M! hope you like it... ;)

usahana, the colourful girl bunny...

this is u*sa*ha*na (that's how they present her, with all those asterisks. don't ask me why...), one of hello kitty's friends from sanrio. before making this bunny, i didn't even know about this character... hello kitty has been hogging the limelight for too long! :P

anyway, with my limited knowledge in the japanese language, i think the name "usahana" is a combination of "usagi" (japanese for rabbit) and "hana" (japanese for flower). so that explains it being so colourful, like a flower. hehe... just my thoughts, not even sure if that's true!


Mona said...

of coz i like it, i luv it! it's so cute with all it's colors.

thank you so much, sue.
*muuaaaahhhhh* *hugz hugz*

Rhapsody Crafter said...

glad u like it, Mon! *hugz back* :)

Blythe said...

Wow~U are so AMAzing!!! U made it finally~~It's so CUTE!!!! Thanks ya~though the usahanazai is not belongs to me but I feel HAppy to see it alsO~Cute!^o^ and I really owe u a thanks and sorry ar~thanks for willing to try to make the "mission impossible" for me at the beginning~and sorry for being so troublesome ya :p so now u know who I am? ha~yaya~u got it~Mona's fussy friend :p nice to meet you ^^ though the small usahanazai is a "mission impossible"~but u completed the "mission semi-impossible"=the BIG USAHANAZAI!!! Rhapsody Crafter~THE BEST Crafter ever~~Ganbatte ne :)

btw~U are RIGHT! Usahana really represent a colorful flower-like rabbit ^^

Mona~U must simpan the cutie usahanazai baik-baik ya~I go to ur house and see see bila ada masa~keke~~

Rhapsody Crafter said...

thanks for dropping by blythe! so sorry i couldn't fulfill your request for a tiny usahana... really mission impossible! i'm not that advanced yet to do it... pai-seh, pai-seh! but with your high standards of requirement in bunnies, i'm glad this big usahana got your approval! ;)