Tuesday, May 08, 2012

tablet sleeve for pwecious

i bought a tablet recently but as this model has not been launched here (i got the help of a friend to get it for me from home), it's impossible for me to find any of its accessories here. but i can't possibly wait until my home leave in august to get the cover and screen protector, as the OCD in me would definitely freak out if it got scratched or anything bad happens to it.

so shiny... when connected to its keypad dock, it looks like a small notebook. i've named it "pwecious", hence the title of this post LOL. anyway, for more info of my pwecious, see here

so anyway, i decided to make a sleeve for it. i used the tutorial by yoonie as reference, but as i had very limited yarn (i have many colours, but only one skein per colour for amigurumi), there are not much choice in terms of colours. luckily i had these 3 skeins of brown cheap yarn in a scarf-making kit that i bought from 100 yen shop a few years back.

however, after covering up the body, i ran out of yarn for the top cover! so i rummaged thru my yarn box to see what else i can use, and i found a skein of grey yarn. i paired it up with black yarn to give it the same "feel" as the brown body and then i got an idea to make it into something more interesting.

how about putting a face on it? how about an owl?

but i got stuck at the button to secure the top cover onto the body. in my mind, i see this type of horn buttons which can double as the owl's beak.

as there are no craft shops within my vicinity and after looking in a few tailor shops (which only had ROUND buttons - how unoriginal!), i thought i could ask my best friend back home to help me buy it. then yesterday night, it suddenly dawned on me that instead of using a button for a beak, i could actually use a crocheted beak as a button! duh!!

ta-dah! i had to redo the top grey part a few times coz my 1 skein of grey yarn was running out really fast!

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