Monday, April 19, 2010

custom request: little chef

my friend PC wanted to give an amigurumi doll to her friend for her birthday, and requested me to make something that looks like her friend. as her friend works as a chef, PC wants the doll to be in her friend's chef uniform. so this doll is currently on its way to the US now...

black chef uniform with buttons down the middle and green pants.

at first she wanted me to make the hair into a bun with a stick sticking out the bun... wah, so challenging! later she said it's ok with just a ponytail... i don't know how long her hair should be, so i just left it long and PC can later trim it herself if she finds it too long.

not sure if this expression fits her friend, but when i described it to PC (smiling happily, until can't even see her eyes), she seemed to like it! :P

hope her friend likes it...

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