Thursday, April 15, 2010

crocheted tawashi...

a tawashi is japanese for "dish scrubbie" and i found this pattern quite nice and unique... i decided to make it since i've started washing my cutlery in my bathroom basin (as opposed to walking all the way to the kitchen - yes, i'm THAT lazy!) more and more.

this is a somewhat easy project, completed it in less than 2 hours. but looking back at the website, i realized i didn't close up the hole in the middle enough. so there a gaping hole... anyway, the yarn i used for the grey is of a different kind from the yarns in blue and cream, hence the more "ribbed" effect.

i've hung it up on my bathroom mirror right above the basin (so that the basin will catch all the water dripping from it and not wet my floor!) but i've not started using it. hope it'll be nice to use, like store-bought dish scrubbies, if not better!

actual size is around the size of our palm, but that solely depends on the yarns used...

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