Monday, February 08, 2010

crocheted mary janes...

i've been rushing this last minute order to be sent out in time for the coming chinese new year... *phew*

3 baby booties, 2 in 5 inches size (blue and pink) and 1 in 4 inches size (pink). i'm using a different yarn this time round. something softer and which i think will be more gentle to the baby's skin. hence my gauge was off and i had to spend quite some time crocheting and then frogging (that's pulling out the yarns for the non-crocheters out there) and crocheting again to get the right stitch count and size. but at last, i managed to finish them last night.

the photo quality here is not so good, coz i snapped it at 2am and i was dead sleepy already! ;)


Becca-Lou said...

Oh these are fabulous. What a lovely gift for someone.

Rhapsody Crafter said...

yes they were. in fact, they're the more popular requests i get, but getting the sizes right is a bit of a bitch every time! :P